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Quality Representation by Liberty Sales & Marketing

Liberty Sales & Marketing is a manufacturer’s rep organization established in 1992 to serve several segments of the truck and trailer industry. My mission is to unite manufacturers and customers through value added communication, marketing, training, and more. This site was developed to link to the web sites of the manufacturers I represent and to help inform customers and prospects about the product lines available.

My territory includes the Heartland states of Missouri, Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska.

My philosophy is based on “belly-to-belly” selling because it is my belief that the strongest relationships are formed in that manner. The last time I checked, the majority of my customers in the truck and trailer industry are not using Twitter extensively nor are they updating their Facebook page every hour. I will happily do all my business using social media whenever that day arrives, but in the meantime, I’ll probably just drop by and visit with you.

My product lines