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TecNiq Inc LED’s

World-leading Optics Technology

Over 10 years ago TecNiq engineers realized that the key to making LED lamps affordable was optical efficiency. The typical TecNiq LED lamp uses fewer LED’s with a highly efficient optical lens. This reduces the cost for the customer because fewer LED’s are used to produce the same amount of light.

Thermal Design

LED longevity is directly related to its internal heat. While our competitors pack LED’s too closely together to produce the required light, TecNiq understands that fewer, brighter LED’s will last longer because of proper thermal management.

Water Seal

The seal between lens and circuitry is critical to long-lasting performance so TecNiq developed vacuum testing on all production lines to detect any problems in sonic welds and therefore provide the customer with properly sealed lamps. In addition, TecNiq uses a uniques potting material to seal the circuitry in each lamp. This provides better thermal conductivity and superior chemical resistance. The electronics in our tail lamps are so well protected that even if you intentionally fill the lamps with salt water they will continue to operate flawlessly for years.


We believe so strongly in our products that we provide a no-hassle Limited Lifetime warranty for every item in our product line.

American Pride

TecNiq DOT lighting products are proudly designed and assembled in the USA.
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